Major Business Website Don’ts To Avoid

Want to create your own business website? Here are the biggest no-no’s you should know in advance and avoid:

Don’t Use a Complicated Domain Name
The domain name, or web address, of your website is everything. Most companies underestimate the power of the domain name. If you choose a complicated or a silly domain name, your website could be ignored by both search engines and customers. Therefore, come up with a memorable domain name like for your business website. It’s all right to name your website after the company itself. However, avoid using certain punctuation marks like hyphens and dashes when you do so.

Don’t Choose a Basic Web Host
One of the most common mistakes new business website owners make is choosing a basic web host package for cheap. In the beginning, a cheap package will be sufficient to meet the very low traffic demands of a site. However, your customer base should grow in the future, remember? Therefore, choose a package from the best and most secure hosting services in your country. 

Don’t Feature Third-Party Advertisements on Your Website
Resist the temptation to make extra cash by features advertisements from third parties on your business website. It is never wise. Web users, in general, hate advertisements. Also, advertisements can promote malware without even you knowing. In addition, another business should not be featured on your site if the two entities are not coming together in a joint partnership.

Don’t Avoid Spending Money on CDN
CDN stands for Content Delivery System offered by ecommerce hosting sites. This system ensures that websites load fast for users. Therefore, as mentioned above, choose a package with features such as CDN. It may cost you a bit more, but the perks offered are highly worth it. Go to for detailed infomation.

Don’t Target Too Large an Audience
When you are online, it’s tempting to target a massive global audience and expect your company to grow to the size of Microsoft. Unfortunately, this is not how the internet works. If your website is too generic, it will get lost in a sea of other generic websites. Therefore, target a very specific audience instead.

Don’t Review Your Own Products
It’s important to post customer reviews and testimonials on your website to establish credibility. However, do not publish fake reviews. All reviews must be completely genuine.

Don’t Show Pop-Up Windows
Do not show pop-up windows to users, unless it’s very important. For example, if your site is about to go offline or if you are offering a 90 percent discount on all items on Christmas, then a pop-up message will be okay. But avoid it during all other times.

Now, when you go on to design your own unique business website, make sure you don’t make any of the mistakes mentioned above.

Ana Camacho